SaddleBag Security Kit


Saddlebag Security Kit

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Model # LTSH0001HD

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UPDATE : The Saddlebag Security Kit is now available in brilliant Red and Yellow! and now Gray! Specify your color choice of Black, Red, Yellow or Gray when placing your order.
(default is Black if you don’t specify)

Secure your saddlebags with this easy to use theft deterrent. Helps protect your expensive saddlebags from theft and Fly-Offs. Even if your saddlebag lid is locked, a thief can remove your bags in seconds using only a small screwdriver. 

Installation requires no drilling and it can be completed in just a few minutes but the sense of security will last a lifetime.

The included hardware replaces the stock 1/4 Turn saddlebag quick disconnects. Once installed, no tools are required to remove and re-attach your saddlebag. The kit includes all hardware for both saddlebags.

The knobs only stick out 13/32″ leaving plenty of room for storage and your saddlebag liners.