Bison Leather Tether

Shown with Ride Pins being displayed

Leather Tether

Smooth Leather Tether shown using to display ride patches.

Genuine Leather Saddlebag Straps for your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

We are proud to offer this new product line to the motorcycle community. Personalize your saddlebag with a touch of leather. Leather Tethers will add a unique touch to your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and are designed to replace the factory saddlebag tethers. Each Leather Tether is cut using a precision die, installation only takes a few minutes and we include extra hardware to make the job even easier. Need an additional area to display your ride pins and patches? Use your Leather Tethers to display them at your next bike night! Building a custom bagger? Finish off the look in your saddlebag with genuine leather check straps. Stay tuned as we introduce different leather types and colors. If you do not see what you are looking for in a Leather Tether currently, contact us and we will discuss your needs and notify you when it is available. Thank you for visiting